May 7, 2014: Dancing With Paradoxes

What is the difference between imagination and reality? They’re both here so do we favor one or the other or do we navigate both? After all, lots of reality, good and not so much, begins with imagination. On the other hand, imagination alone can be a fairly weak reality.

What is the difference between intensity and aggression? Just because a person is passionate doesn’t mean they are aggressive. Perhaps this is a nuance we’d better get right or risk dismissing or overlooking a lot?

What is the difference between independence and dependence? As Americans, we may think we’re independent, but then again that could be a lot of imagination. In any case, most of us still do not make or fix our cars or appliances or toothbrushes. Think you can get off the grid. Maybe a bit, but not completely. We’re global now you know?

What is the difference between ego and persistence? An ego wants what it wants and a persistent being wants to know? There is a difference between avoiding being wrong for the sake of ego and trying to get things right, the latter of which can require persistence.

Bonus Round?:
Each one of the above is a tool? Inappropriate tool usage is not so sophisticated? Okay, inappropriate tool usage can be funny, which is a kind of productivity itself. Still, when trying to build a house…

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