April 17, 2014: Paths

It seems to me that folks who tend to navigate personalities and form connections tend to make more money.

It seems to me that folks who try to get it right don’t tend to navigate personalities and they tend to make less money.

Well—some artists make money after they’re deceased. Come to think about it, so do some non-artists—as in those with big insurance policies.

It seems to me that we’ve got to decide what the currency of our interaction actually is. Money is a fine way to make an exchange for stuff without too much arguing about what the value of the money is, only the product.

I like money—it appeals to my lazy self. On the other hand, money really doesn’t get too much done. Cringe, eh? The Beatles’ song aside, money tends to keep us spinning more than it keeps us transforming. It gives us a space in the middle of whatever it is that stalks us. Money can buffer, but it’s only having the space that can help transform. The fetus has to be born—in its growth, it simply took up all the available space.

It seems to me the currency is space.

It seems to me that sanity is recognizing there’s more than one true construction of reality. And sometimes what was important, is no longer—think being hungry when one can become satiated.

What if we knew ourselves and those in our reality(ies) enough so that we could work together in time instead of making sure to grab enough of whatever currency we’ve decided to use, for ourselves?

Scary for one mindset. Sane for another. But then we’re back to navigating personalities—or not.

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