June 29, 2017: On Pom-Poms, Shovels, Egos, and Enemies

Attempting to dig oneself out of a hole can often have the opposite effect. Hoo-nōs

It is interesting to watch those who cheerlead for themselves and garner others to do the same. It is interesting to watch someone dig a deeper hole for themselves when others are trying to keep that person out of holes. It is interesting to see folks with an ego so out of touch with objective reality as to be delusional—especially considering the ego is about the reality principle in the first place. And it is interesting that some folks require an enemy as opposed to a worthy opponent. After all, an enemy is unworthy, less than, not human, an unnecessary waste of time, while a worthy opponent can challenge us to be better humans.

It is also interesting to see the above mess in leaders as opposed to followers. Both are trouble for all, but by definition, a leader is supposed to be an example to follow.

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