July 16, 2017: National Fart in the General Direction of Washington D.C. Day—Let’s Do Something Together

Maybe it’s time to go all Monty Python on the politicos in D.C. After all, what’s coming out of D.C. stinks. Forget the high road, let’s stink ‘em back. It would be a bipartisan stand to show the politicos that the fourth branch of government—us—are not just here to cast votes as they’re not much listened to anyway, except when it’s time to vote, and then the knuckleheads (okay, they’re not all knuckleheads) begin spinning stuff to get the vote, rather than doing stuff to make life better.

It’s time for a new democratic approach—it’s time to do something together! So, let’s gas-up and point our collective, bipartisan apertures in the direction of D.C. Not everyone votes, but everyone farts. Let’s make something count.

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