May 19, 2017: Love First—Make Love Great Again, Again.

The only worthwhile compass heading is love. It is the only way back to the new Paradise. Hoo-nōs

Lofty words, that. Crazy even? After all, we need stuff—truly. And what if one has a full-blown deadly disease—love alone will fix that? And look around, what difference does love make with all the contamination we’re breeding like rabbits in a bountiful year?

The mess we’ve made isn’t fixable by decree, whether by one or by a government or by a religion or by an education. Yet such a decree seems like the shiny hook, the only solution.

And the mess isn’t fixable by any decree of us first and f-them. Of course what that really means is “me and mine” first, via the ability to access the cash cow created by amassing power and privilege. Can any of us really thrive when others wither, especially when we have helped that withering whether by intent or ignorance?

Are there any silver linings at all? Yep, there are the wonders and beauty of art and philosophy—music, theater, writing, painting, photography, comedy, wonderings, etc. The honesty of it helps for sure. There is science—the check on the exploration and implementation of awareness. The honesty of it helps for sure. But a silver lining is a sliver, not a tapestry. Art and philosophy and science can point the way, but it is behavior, not just appreciation or comprehension, that changes the weave and dynamic of the human tapestry—of the human legacy.

Let human behavior—that which announces the promise of us fulfilled—not be limited to etchings on any stone or writings in any book or paintings on any canvas or worshiping at any monument or the accumulating of any riches or any power.

Love first—make love great again, again. There is nothing harder to learn. There is nothing more important to do. Only then we can have and not get lost.

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