December 8, 2017: The Politics of Disparate Approaches—Time for a New Politic?

The art, philosophy, and science necessary for a healthy populace is realizing the necessity of maximizing opportunities for thriving and minimizing intrusions in doing so. It is also necessary to realize the balancing point is dynamic, not at all static. Hoo-nōs

Majority versus minority political party my rear aperture. What we’ve really cooked up is the versus part, folks hell-bent to get their way and right be damned.

Time for a new political party dedicated to honoring both sides and moving the fulcrum to maintain balance, even while it’s changing? Keep the Dems and the Repubs—the donkey and the elephant in the room (interesting how interchangeable they’ve become)—and add the Humanitarian Party? Their mascot would be Stewards as in diverse human beings, and the backdrop would be the planet, bathed in sun and moon, light and dark—like all of us.

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