December 7, 2017: Maintaining the “Golden Gate Bridge”

If it’s a big circle, it simply takes longer to realize it’s a circle. Hoo-nōs

Maintenance is a normal part of existence, but so is change.

It can be very difficult to move off of an old and familiar plateau and transcend to other areas of existence. Think caterpillar to butterfly or an infant to adult.

Perhaps maintenance and growth are not disparate entities battling for attention, but complementary entities? Continually painting the “Golden Gate Bridge” of our lives can keep us busy and feeling good about our accomplishments, but coming up with a different paint, or perhaps even a different kind of “bridge” will create new planes of existence to explore and to live, even if we eventually realize we’re going in circles again. Heck, eventually a conscious life may even become an “upward” spiral.

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