January 1, 2018: The Consciousness Adolescent

What if Judgment Day was really the end of Judgments? Hoo-nōs

So, Judgment is not equivalent to judgment/decision-making?

From 30,000 feet, the light and color of us can look luminous—shimmering. From one foot, the light and color from one of us could be shorting or just plain out.

From 30,000 feet, there could appear to be no color or light—no luminosity. From one foot there can be both color and light, obviously emanating.

Maybe the issue is about movement and deciding—mattering something or not in time. Maybe the issue is not about fixing a position as though all movement has stopped.

I dunno. Methinks we continue to have way too much emphasis on class—the separation of us into good or less good or just plain bad. As a fixed position, I observe the continuance of trouble. When there is an opportunity for movement, I sense more ease. That opportunity cannot just be for some—it must be a right for all. Individuals can give up or narrow that right, but we cannot make it permanent.

Many of us have just marked the beginning of a New Year. I know resolutions are like dropping the ball, but imagine if superiority was about an individual becoming better than they were, as opposed to being an inherently better being. Imagine if inferiority was about the opportunity for an individual to become better, as opposed to being an inherently less-than being. We would still have decisions to make, but not Judgments. Sounds like less work if nothing else.

As a nation, we’ve started the democratic principle, but then dropped the ball in so many ways. Time to get out of the rut? After all, adolescence is supposed to be temporary.

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