December 18, 2013: More About Greatness

Okay—about greatness again:

Maybe what wears most great folks out is being great because of great quests. Sometimes, however, greatness is also about the accumulation of small acts of kindness—in addition to small insights gained. That isn’t likely to wear anyone out. In fact, it is likely to make both the giver and the receiver a lot more spry and give both a lot deeper gleam in the eye.

Bonus Round?:
Hey, this small accumulation of good deeds approach is not only easier, but at least as effective as successful Sisyphus-ian efforts. And as it is the Holiday season and as gifts do not have to hurt, maybe a gift of kindness is in order. So, give gracefully, receive gracefully. Even if all those burdens cannot be vanquished, they can at least be set aside long enough to feel grateful for that lightness of being that still runs through us.

Here’s to the best of us all!

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