January 7, 2014: New Year’s Ponderings

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What is your mind doing to shape your experience? Attributed to a Buddhist saying

It’s a new year, a somewhat arbitrary designation for sure, but one that is good for marking endings and beginnings.

As is the usual pattern, the preceding year was marked by rancor, disasters, uplifting stories, and beauty. There seems to be little way of totally avoiding or embracing such patterns, but what sticks in the mind is interesting. Maybe in 2014 humans can take a look at why the mind is making attributions a bit more than thinking we’re justified in having those attributions.

Bonus Round?:
Life begins when a person first realizes how soon it will end. Marcelene Cox

Sometimes a trick of attention involves forgetting about whys, whats, and wheres. Sometimes it’s just about being. Like water in a river, what is being today, might not be so tomorrow (or the next second for that matter). Sometimes new patterns emerge by noting how old patterns are kept alive. After all, as Marcelene Cox noted, realizing endings can herald new beginnings.

Happy New Year!

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