April 12, 2016: Reckoning, Part I

Whether from on high, from down below, or somewhere in-between—all really one “place”—there will be a reckoning. Hoo-nōs

Though we may be dispersed to the cosmos never to congeal quite the same again and though we may remain coalesced more or less as we know, whether in death or in life—as we may presently label the journey—we will come upon our hidden things or our highest realizations and in either case we shall know a reckoning is upon us. It is there we will break, one way or the other, and lose our minds, for better or for worse, though that to will shift as it always has and always will. And even then in our worst hour or our finest moment, in the midst of change, though it may seem like eternal stagnation or final heavenly grace, there will be a constant having never wavered, never ceasing, ever present. It is nothing at all. There the reckoning takes us. There we are freed from having forgotten the journey is one of wonder rather than a journey towards achievement or loss.

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