April 12, 2016: Reckoning, Part II: The Null Hypothesis

Reckoning stories that point toward emptiness may be the ultimate lazy outcome of present-day geriatrics nurtured by a laidback, 60s California, hippy-hoppy motivation to justify doing nothing much at all—even if many of those geriatrics did a lot to be able to do nothing much at all.

The Null of the Null Round: Nevertheless—do not underestimate the value of hanging out doing nothing much at all. It can be the ultimate energy economy for achieving everything via nothing, instead of the bobbles offered by the downline pyramid schemes concocted by wannbes.

The It’s Just Another Round, Round: Whatever the claims of the awareness-about- awareness crowd, note that the wannabes, complete with achievement awards and lots of other noisy bangles, still seem to still be Jones-ing it as well as seeming to possess the biggest gravitation pull for the attention-span of the attention-starved, who believe achieving is the road to Shangri-La (where one doesn’t have to do nothing much at all).

The What’s the Point Again Round?: Wonder and means, without the mean?

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