March 27, 2016: Resurrection Day

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The standard joke is of course there’s resurrection—look what happens on Fridays at 5 P.M. Of course that assumes one has a 9-5 job during the week, or a job at all.

Jokes aside, if one believes in reincarnation, one believes in a resurrection of sorts, though one may not remember past lives.

If one is alive, the “you” was resurrected from some energy pool where many have “returned” (energy to energy!).

If we’re talking about dying and resurrecting with the same identity, one assumes identity is static. It isn’t, even if we perceive it’s the same person.

If we’re talking about being saved, do we mean in an individual form or do we mean it generically—as in individual forms are dispersed like a drop of water going back to the sea?

If we’re talking about being crucified and arising from the dead, we could be talking about not crucifying anyone—including ourselves—in the first place, whatever follows next. If we simply stopped that bit of barbarism, and yep, crucifying is still being widely practiced in its many forms, we would resurrect the gift we seem to ignore—original blessedness.

To Resurrection Day!

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