Renewal Sixty-Two : Allowing Energy To Freely Move

The effect of our individual and collective attempts to bend energy out of sync with its natural propensity, which is to freely flow, has not only resulted in misshapened spots on our own energy body, but on that of the earth’s as well (the Gaia effect, whether it’s a positive or negative effect).

Playing with energy is one thing, but tweaking it such that its flow is constantly impeded is quite another (we have to figure out the definitions as we go along). Learning to understand the distinction is one of our primary individual and collective tasks at this time and in this space. And we are not doing so well, at least judging by the state of the environment, the number of people dying needlessly, the percentage of divorce, the amount of hate and fear as measured by war and terror, etc.

These misaligned, necrotic spots on our energy are not going to be healed by circling around them, attempting to compartmentalize them in one individual or in one group. The micro and the macro are interconnected; the ills of one are the ills of many, the health of one is the health of many.

Going back to the basis in the idea of a template-less template, the immutable mutables of energy and movement seem like a good focal point, whether it is from an individual or a global perspective. It seems to me that at least one primary daily question to ask in our interactive relationships (including with ourselves) is “how can we help energy to flow freely?” Perhaps through this question, we can acknowledge we create a direction of flow by virtue of the fact that we are energy and that we can self-direct our own flow, as well as influence the energy flow of other energy patterns. In fact, we’ve been doing this all along, but we have paid precious little attention to the ethic of it, largely attempting to force our view onto others and onto our environment.

The problem has been the forced movement of energy flow based on the idea of scarcity, of need, of fear in not having, of superiority, of inferiority, etc. In short, we have been operating as though there is a fundamentally negative spin living in this energy soup that must be overcome. These are the beginnings of original sin (missing the mark), because we have created that negative energy spin and assumed that we have discovered it. In this, sin was created, not blessedness; blessedness always was and always is (in a natural, free flowing state, energy provides).

All right, I had previously avoided interjecting the idea of consciousness because it seems to get some people off the track. Energy is. It moves and it attracts. Those are the two (in one) immutables. Energy and movement appear in different forms when viewed from a particular place on the energy grid. Let’s look at it like Einstein did with planets and space. If one thinks of space as a big, taut plastic energy sheet, and planets as densely packed, cohesive energy points placed on that sheet, we now have a “distortion” on that sheet where the planets create an indentation. This changes the way energy flows (though it is not impeded or blocked).

Okay, without making any assumptions about where consciousness came from, let’s acknowledge what appears to be (this is a sort of consensus creation): not only are there energy patterns, but there are particular points of perspective about those energy patterns (individual/group consciousness). These particular points of perspective (perception is an interpretation, thus a creative function in many ways) represent, like planets, densely packed, cohesive energy points on the energy grid. As such, they have an effect on the flow of energy.

However it happened, for the purposes of discussion and formatting, let’s leave the idea of beginnings alone and simply acknowledge that we have particular points of energy that are manifested differently from other particular points of energy. We’ve got rocks, dirt, clouds, plants, trees, fish, insects, birds, mammals, and so on. Who or what is infused with consciousness is not necessary to discern at this point, we can at least say that humans have it. We are aware to one degree or the other and we can examine that awareness, to one degree or the other. Thus, humans can have a very powerful effect on the flow of energy (duh). This does not give us bragging rights or hierarchical position, it gives us more responsibility, more stewardship.

What then, would be our primary focus if we acknowledge the basics of energy, energy flow, energy conglomerates, particular points of awareness, consciousness, intent, and the subsequent responsibility of our natural influence on energy flow?

How about an ethic of maximizing and uplifting the flow of energy and minimizing the obstruction or restriction of energy flow? What if this became our daily effort and effect on the energy grid? Would this enhance the health and vibrancy of energy and minimize the necrosis and misalignment of energy? Remember that necrotic energy spots seem to draw energy. The natural tendency of energy is vibrancy, so it moves toward impediments to release those blockages to return to a vibrant state.

We might not want to fight this, nor do we want to create energy necrosis, as it will keep us very busy and take away from our ability to positively create–to have fun and play.

Okay, let’s stampede toward something negative. What if we have a being killing other beings? Following the ethic, our primary directive to enhance energy and aid in its vibrancy, what shall we do?

We would have to ask what action or behavior could be undertaken that maximizes our intent, for all that our intent affects. Again, let’s get crazy with this thought problem and assume that we have a recalcitrant individual that will not stop killing. What would enhance their vibrancy (we’ll assume that stopping the killing will enhance everyone else’s)? That’s the question we would have to wrestle with, both individually and as a collective. If we just kill that individual, would that have the desired effect of enhancing all concerned? If we incarcerate them, would that? If we attempt to rehabilitate them (teach them about allowing and enhancing the flow of energy, instead of attempting to kill it), would that create enhancement for all?

Let’s say we are put in a position of having to kill the individual–they are found attempting to kill a child, they will not stop, and they have the wherewithal and intent to inflict death not only upon this child, but upon many other children, as well as anyone that attempts to stop them (how’s that for backing us into a corner?). In these extreme circumstances, let’s say we decide we have to kill this recalcitrant. Maybe the best way is to do so evenly, without celebration, without malice, properly caring for their remains, and not engaging in anything that dishonors them. We shall not become like them, instead holding steadfastly to our ethic of maximizing the vibrancy of energy and minimizing its impediment.

To make such changes, we’ll need to get plenty of sleep and/or meditation, and we will need to have plenty of time to play. We are going to need it as we heal and change and renew the direction and the path we have been on.

Perhaps we have time in this place to heal and change and renew, perhaps not. But, if we are to do the best we are capable of doing, we have no choice.

Sometimes, freedom is like that.

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