November 5, 2014: Travels In and Around Space/Time and Substance

We’ve forgotten who we are, explorers, pioneers—not caretakers. “Cooper,” Matthew McConaughey’s character in the movie Interstellar.

I think we become a mess if caretaking is our main task. Do we really want our journey to be about maintaining our relationships (with anyone or anything) or do we really need the fix of novelty?

Yep, exploring does require some maintenance, but that maintenance is under the umbrella of exploration, not the reason for it.

It is the deepest reaches of awareness that calls us. It is the deepest reaches of the cosmos that calls us. It is the deepest reaches of everything that beckons. We can rest, we can be stewards, we can be amazed at the stuff and life we find, but it is the incredible vibrancy of nothingness that we reach out for—and that seems to reach out for us as well. That is the soup that nourishes, and oddly, that we also nourish. And that kind of nourishment is not just about caretaking, it is about the exploration of wonder and the wonder of exploration.

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