November 1, 2015: Retirement

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Retirement is not a cessation of work, but a shift in it—at least that’s likely the best scenario. At 68, I’m sure thinking about that shift. I’m hoping to eventually be paid for what I think and not to have to write reports about it. The former has been a courtesy nod for years, the latter an increasing demand. Apparently writing reports demonstrates accountability. I’m not saying no to reports, I’m saying hire the folks who like to write reports. And hire folks who like to read reports. And hire those who like to organize reports. And leave folks like me, who simply aspire to positively contribute to well-being, to do that. Don’t give my job to those who like reports. And don’t give their job to me.

Note: This is not a report. Whether it’s a positive contribution to well-being or not is another story. But then I’m not being paid, I’m just smiling.

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