January 1, 2016: Forgetting to Remember; Remembering to Forget

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Of course living results in forgetting. That’s what we need to remember. Hoo-nōs

It’s 2016, 16 years past Y2K. We still seem to be here. Personally, I’m pretty sure I’m still circling in the woods. I’m also pretty sure I’m not alone at it. I do like the trail and it’s a big enough circle to still be surprised and forget it’s a circle. Apparently I need to remember to forget something so I can move on. Good ol’ imprints, long forgotten but still anchoring. Maybe it’s beyond remembering and forgetting.

In any case, I think I should:

Give the past its due as I had something to do with it, though I was not alone in the doing.
Give the present its due as I am, in some way or the other, aware.
Give the future its due as it is coming, though some of it will emerge indeterminately.
Be prudent about time and space, as they are related and seriously relative.
Remember that human agency has its own force and charge—and perhaps I can move in different realms regardless of my own gravity.
Remember to forget all of the above sometimes.

Hmmm. Happy New Year!

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