2015’s Holiday Season: Love is Not All We Need (In this Incarnation Anyway)

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In our particular incarnation at least, we need more than love—we need the opportunity for access. Having a sense of access is like being hungry yet having access to food, or feeling dry yet having access to water, or being cold yet having access to warmth. We also need access to ourselves and to others.

We carry ourselves differently when we have the opportunity for access. And such carriage is catching—an inoculation against wanting, even if we are wanting. If one does not have such opportunity for access, love may be available, but it can be like finding a needle in a country of haystacks.

And no, we don’t need to have access or to be accessed 24-7. Sometimes we need the opportunity to access being alone. And sometimes we simply have to wait for access to come around—but not for long.

And no, the opportunity for access is not socialism for the simple reason it is about the opportunity, not the guarantee that everyone will partake in what they need to thrive. Some folks need to complain, to have less when it isn’t necessary except for maintaining neurotic needs. So, those folks can have such access as well, they do not have to have thriving shoved down their throats.

All is provided to those who believe? Belief can sometimes be an empty bowl and in our lives, we need a more palpable sustenance. We simply cannot live a fruitful life without the opportunity for access—access such that it is not merely doled out by those who have the means to hoard or control.

And when we have such access, we will have peace. And then it’s a much easier road to feel love.

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