eThoughts : March 1, 2011: Thoughts in Bad Poetic Form

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Are humans at a place between our bodies telling our minds how it is and our minds telling us how it is?

It is sometimes true that our bodies are formidable, as it is sometimes true of social input and certainly of environment.

But we have come far since our initial amazement.

And now we are at a time we can shift, break out of the egg of us.

It has been time for a long time, but we are a clever species and we have the ability to create rationales that keep us from the unknown, which we fought so hard against and as a result are so glad to even know a thing.

We understand, sometimes, we are more than Cosmic roughage and the heart of us cries out to be further free.

We already are of course. It has been so for a long time

Deadfalls and Ladder’s Upward Rungs

There are deadfalls between what we know and what we need to learn—ladder’s upward rungs.

In the deadfalls, we sense in the apex of our lives interpreted, that we must now decline.

Diminishment looms and is heightened by so much reminder of our “loss.”

Perhaps loss of contact with such reality is how we either learn or lose our way.

Where lies the arrow of direction?

To deadfalls or ladder’s upward rungs?

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