December 14, 2015: C’mon!

I understand people are frustrated with politicos and doublespeak. It isn’t a new phenomenon.

But here’s a clue: The problem and the solution aren’t politicians, it’s us. What’s at least a better way than sniping at each other and siding with some current politico who has tapped into people’s frustrations? How about folks getting off their lazy, narcissistic posteriors and becoming more than lizard-brain, arrogant blowhards armed with no- or low-information “solutions”? How about if folks learn to check more than one source, to check out more than one idea, and to think/feel in a more nuanced fashion?

I realize the idea is not a 100% guarantee we’ll do better, but at least we’re likely to increase the probability we might. Of course the plan assumes we really do want a better shot at thriving when it just might be we’re happy to see others struggle under the weight of our BS and to attribute our own problems to someone else’s BS. If so, we might notice the only common dominator in such a scenario is BS—and that’s just business as usual.

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