2015’s Holiday Season: Not Smart Enough to Move On, Not Dumb Enough to Stay

Brought to you by The Conundrum, a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.  Copyright 2015:  All rights reserved.

The holiday season is a great time for reflection, realization, re-cognition, and—well—lots of humor. After all, there’s a lot to laugh and smile about when we’re stuck somewhere between where we can’t seem to go and where we don’t want to be.

My guess is that The Conundrum is as good a place as any to begin appreciations. Beauty, as near as I can dimly tell, does not reside in some other place—beauty is everywhere. The general problem and pattern could be that we somehow get distracted by what we don’t have.

So in this 2015 Holiday Season let’s forget the distractions at least for a bit and raise a toast and give a nod to all of us struggling somewhere between this and that. Here’s to the wonder of it all.

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