April 21, 2016: Rights, Privileges, Emptiness, and “God”

Vibrant Emptiness is fine for understanding the inherent nature of existence, including from whence all comes and goes, but it is of little use for explaining good or evil or that which is in-between, other than there are many beings acting from form as opposed to that Emptiness. But those acts are understandable as form tends to beget form. Hoo-nōs

I have been “saving” caterpillars recently, if saving means keeping them from being squashed by a door or a footstep. Actually I have no idea what the outcome will be, acting from my own idea of value.

My garage door broke recently, though it did not fall on my vehicles or me. “Darn luck,” I thought, “this will be costly.” As it is turning out, I was really lucky. For one thing, the price of repairs is far cheaper than I expected. But the luckiest part was that in taking the doors apart, it was clear they were not far from ripping apart. With those heavy springs, there is no telling what would have transpired.

Am I a “higher” consciousness than the caterpillar? Does it sense its survival or wonder how it was moved?

Is that how it is for us—a higher consciousness sometimes intervening if it comes up? Is that what we call god, though that being would also arise from and return to Emptiness?

I do not know these answers. I’m not sure I know the questions. Perhaps I do not know anything at all, though I tend to think I’m very lucky sometimes and not others.

Perhaps Form is the stage we have to interact from and upon, though we do not have to remain so transfixed in either the Theater or the Emptiness.

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