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eThoughts : Rejection, Part II.

This muse is sounding humorless, I know. It is not a pleasant subject, but it is a pleasant resolution. So bear with me. Besides the thread of war in human existence, we also have a thread of maladaptive individuals living among us, regardless of the political/philosophical/religious/ orientation of a nation. The sum of these problems […]

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eThoughts : June 1, 2010: Rejection, Part I.

Memorial Day has come and gone—a holiday to think about all those military veterans who have gone into harm’s way, including those who have given or have had their lives taken in the process. When I wonder about those who went into harm’s way, I cannot help but think about agendas. I suspect some of […]

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eThoughts : May 1, 2008: Our Yes and Our No, Part I

I’ve been reading and thinking a bit about 1968. There is no question that it was a tumultuous year—riots, war, assassinations, circling the moon, weird elections, etc. Some are saying that it was the year that shaped who we are. Okay, it was a seminal year, even if there have been many years before it […]

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