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Renewal Seventy : Postscript: “First The Gesture, Then The Grace” (Sarah Ban Breathnach)

While the greatest percentage of this work was written within the four months following my mother’s death and the breakup of my third intimate relationship, at this point it is just after the start of the New Year and more than 10 months after those facts. This was the first time I have not had […]

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Renewal Fifty-five : The Best Answers Arise In The Space Between Thought And Deed

(For a more detailed look at the principles of volitional evolution go to: Chapter 24: Resetting The Compass. For futher thoughts about the nature of energy as both mutable and immutable, go to: Chapter 59: The Mutable Immutables.) A friend of mine, whom I’ve known for nearly 30 years, came over to the house today. […]

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