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eThoughts : More Nonsense?

On a micro level, relative to my small world, the institution of higher learning has been an interesting ride lately. The economic meltdown has driven up the amount of paperwork documenting accountability and driven down the time needed to polish learning. Joe Klein, wrote an article in Time (March 7, 2011) about the “…crusade to […]

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eThoughts : Perfection

Speaking about psychology running through it: How is it that humans get so caught up in either the pursuit or avoidance of perfection? I find it interesting that we base much of our worthiness on perfection. We are less than because we are not royalty, or president, or stars, or billionaires, or parents, or married, […]

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Renewal Ten : Be Aware–Education At Work

I suppose this entire line of inquiry began at a meeting in which there were some tense moments. I have tried to avoid these things, but somehow, despite some successes, I’ve still managed to find myself embroiled. Sometimes I find myself at odds with administration. This is not something that is particularly obvious, I do […]

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