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eThoughts : What Our Soldiers are NOT Fighting For

It’s been yet another run in which human lack of responsibility has reigned in the local arena. The ongoing effects of irresponsible dog owners, drivers, neighbors and music, cell-phone users, tossed-trash, and, well, add infinitum, sometimes seems to trump peace and beauty. Freedom and liberty and privacy cannot be used as an excuse to avoid […]

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eThoughts : Change and Stability, Living and Dying

Our college lost another colleague a number of years ago that was also a tough loss. Jim was a stabilizing and intelligent presence, avoiding gaining influence just for the sake of influence. He was not about winning, he was about making sense. He also died of a heart attack. In his early 50s, he was […]

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Renewal Three : Polishing Both Sides Of The Coin

Renewal Three : Polishing Both Sides Of The Coin My mother was an interesting character. A strong and opinionated Scorpio, she passed away on Friday, February 15, 2002 in the same hospital my father passed away some 32 years earlier. It was a premature death, despite the fact she was 84 or 85 (the year […]

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