October 25, 2017: Are We Kidding? Life from The Daily Nutsville Noise

Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it. Edmund Burke

Perhaps who we are is manifested all around us. That’s not the same as who we can be.

What’s the plan exactly—to manifest our frustrations by dividing each other into silos and then to isolate ourselves from the world?

We seem like crazy people right now, with barely a toe in the waters of reality. We can’t seem to think or feel our way out of the tsunami of contradictory information.

This angry divisiveness isn’t new and every time it’s happened before, lives are lost—and sometimes entire cultures.

Full stop. Start again. If more careening about occurs, full stop again. After all, following crazy is just crazy. The “magnetic” field of Nutsville is messing with the compass heading of democracy.

If we get the compass heading straight again, there are voices we will have to ignore, but we do not have to quell those voices. Let ‘em be. They are people, but we do not have to try and follow all the noise in the echo chamber—that noise is not a lead, it is a distraction. It is impossible to find an arrow of direction chasing each soundbite emitting from The Daily Nutsville Noise.

What’s the compass heading as opposed to the interference? Look for divisiveness. Look for those in the business of degrading others. Look for calls to find enemies and rub ‘em out. Let them be. They are just noise.

Stay the path of the Bill of Rights, even when it gets rough. Help each other (we help the population of Nutsville by letting it just be noise instead of establishing that population as leaders). Even the crazies are part of us and there is no wall to keep them out.

Lean into democracy. Lean into due process. Lean into innocence before guilt. Lean into freedoms. Lean into sharing costs and the necessary regulations to provide for that sharing. And right now, in this time—lean in very seriously. Forget the noise. Embrace us. Yes, even the crazies—just do not follow them!

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