October 1, 2020: Go-Bag Essentials for the “End of the World”

It was hard for me to know I was meditating when I wasn’t.  John Tarrant

What follows is not meant to be a complete list of things to take and things to leave, though basically we’re talking taking a lightness of being and leaving behind the weight of us.

Go-bag essentials #1: Bring wonder.  Be sure and locate it if you’ve not seen it for a while.  Even if it seems lost in all we are so sure about, it’s still there.  Check the young ‘uns—they might help the remembering.

Go-bag essentials #2: Bring free breath.  You know, the deeply felt free-breathing, like all is done and nothing is pending.  Feels like freedom.  Remember?  Yes, there is always something that needs doing.  No worries, it’ll appear like magic anyway. 

Go-bag essentials #3: Bring taking our time.  Kind of means not letting time take us. 

Go-bag essentials #4: Bring a sense of agreement.  It’s okay.  Agreement is related to agreeableness.  Yes, one can be too agreeable, but that’s not what we’re bringing with us.

Go-bag essentials #5:  Bring a different compass—like one not still pointing in the same directions.  It’s about change, not about returning.

Go-bag essentials #6:  Bring a new map/blueprint-making kit.  Think new cognitive, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social maps/blueprints.  It’s about change, not returning.

Go-bag essentials #7: Bring a sense of joy and adventure.  Easier to see beauty and certainly easier to breathe.

Go-bag essentials #8: Bring a sense of stewardship and inclusion. 

Go-bag essentials #9:  Bring fun.  Delight.  Smile.  Laugh.  Delight some more.

Go-bag essentials #10: Tissue.  Likely to be a lot of tears in the release.  Shedding of tears is way better than shedding blood.  And there’s nothing like a light go-bag. 

What we don’t need:  oppression; less-thans or more-thans; always being right or wrong; always knowing; disagreeableness; dominion; stuff over substance, trophies as in requiring recognition; the propensity to “other” others; enemies; anger; obstinance; the need to ostracize or be ostracized; anything weighty.  Essentially anything that owns us.  We’ve had enough of that.  After all, it’ll be a new world. 

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