November 7, 2020: Vote—Follow-up

Remember to be gracious.  Anon Biden supporter

You can get rid of Trump, but you cannot get rid of us.  Anon Trump supporter

Not that this presidential election is officially over, but today the Biden-Harris ticket was declared the likely winner with the 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania.  Voter responsibility will never be over—and hopefully we’ll not resent or ignore that responsibility.

My humble opinion is both quotes above are correct.  Record voter turnouts have a lot to say about us.  Some 70 million voters cast their ballot for Trump—as I understand it, a record for a presidential candidate who has apparently lost the election. 

While it is also my opinion that Trump had to go, we cannot ignore people who voted for him, even if the reality was voting against Biden.  Many who voted for Biden were actually voting against Trump.  But voting for or against a person is not the same as voting for or against a population.   

Be gracious, whomever you voted for.  Let’s get busy and do one of the hardest things in the world to do: Listen and listen carefully and act accordingly.  In that regard, it’s not just about who won or lost an election.

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