November 27, 2018: An Umbrella Does Not Stop a Meteor

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear. Mark Twain

Mostly do not rise to the Bullseye position nor fall to the Bullshit position. Hoo-nōs

Having something to fear does not take much intelligence. Learning to not let fear consume us, does. Yet the main currency of so much of our political landscape is about fear—and we’re not only buying it, we’re borrowing to do so and at a tremendous interest rate.

Part of the definition of usury is about making the lenders rich and the borrowers poorer. But another rule of usury is to not make the borrowers so poor they cannot pay because, well, there goes the sale—there goes the base of support.

But we continue to hire and promote and follow the fear-mongers? We continue to hire and promote and follow the fear-mongers’ sycophants? That’s not on them, that’s our construction, our painting on the easel of ourselves. We are then enmeshed in a kind of moral and fear-based hypochondria—and paying usurious rates. And it is very clear there is always someone who smells money and position in fear and they are more than willing to sell us the protection for the need they’ve sold us.

Are there real objective threats? Sure—and we need to consider them and plan accordingly. That planning includes the impact of our subjective fears on our objective reality. But if a meteor is coming, consider that an umbrella will not stop it. That sale is a bullshit position, sold by those sporting the apparel of leadership while complaining about being a target when all they’re trying to do is save us. But who is really wearing the bullseye apparel? Who is really buying the bullshit? That would be us.

Give ourselves and each other a gift this Holiday season: When it comes to political sales of moral and neurotic anxiety and the usurious rates to make the purchase, just say “No Sale.” It’s a gift that will keep on giving. The real sale is to help each other and it doesn’t matter if we’re friends or not. We’ve got work to do, not work to pass off, especially to those complaining about their bullseye clothes while promoting their bullshit sales.

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