May 31, 2019: Considering Beauty and Happiness in Times of Ugly and Despair

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Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they leave.  Oscar Wilde

[He’s] not a business man, he’s not a wealth creator, he’s a cash extractor.  David Cay Johnson

When existing understanding and new experience conflict, one must be denied.  Often we deny the new experience.  Ralph Strauch: The Reality Illusion (1983, 1989)

One does not get powerful by being strong, but by being beautiful in deed.  Hoo-nōs

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?  Apparently it takes the protection of a chrysalis/cocoon. 

How does a human being become truly wise?  Apparently it takes a transformation from innate reactiveness to learned consideration.

Perhaps when it is clear that consideration, beauty, and happiness are in abeyance in favor of power, exploitation, extraction, delusion, and false promises, the embodiment of beauty and happiness will become more prominent.  Yes, there will likely be those who will deny such transformation.  However, I think we should not attribute anything negative to them.  We might have something to do with recognizing beauty, but we are not the judge and jury for those who do not.

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