March 1, 2020—Part I: The Political Lion versus The Political Chameleon

A lion, though stealthy, is clearly a predator. The chameleon is both as well, just not as obvious. Hoo-nōs

I wonder if we are sick of political chameleons—those whose colors and policies change because blending in makes predation easier.  I wonder if we now embrace political lions because it’s not as hard to see what they’re up to.  Nonetheless, both are in the business of predation.

I wonder if choosing which style of predator as leader is necessary.  Perhaps we might consider authoritative-nurturing instead.  Authoritative-nurturing leadership is knowledge-based, watchful, yet playful, a forceful and engaging presence, yet not threatening.  They are even-handed instead of preferential towards money or genuflection. They are safe yet provide for risk, both necessary to learn and to thrive and for others to fill their shoes when they step aside.  And so much more…

But they are not predators, which we don’t need, regardless of any adjective that defines them.

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