June 6, 2013: The Not-Even-Ready for Bumper-Sticker Philosophy

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Take away an army’s boots and you have crippled them. Author

In war, when it comes to the need for “boots on the ground,” bare feet on the ground just won’t work—it’s a bit hard to carry the equipment of war and be nimble.

I’m sure this has other applications like in the battle for hearts and minds, but my brain has gone cornball with stuff like “souls without soles” or “soles without souls.”

Bonus Round:

When you grant someone power, you allow them to manifest their frustrations. Author

Folks in power are still folks, but they have been given power. That’s a tough combo to manage. It’s a pretty good sport to watch as well, unless they want to put “boots on the ground,” but we know how to handle that now, eh? Just bomb their shoe factories.

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