January 20, 2014: Holographic Universe and Experience–Don’t Worry, It’s Short and Pithy

A holographic picture (hologram) is a made up of pixels in which each pixel contains all of the information. The clarity of a hologram depends on how many pixels are involved in the picture.

If it’s a holographic universe, then everything is in everything. One does not have to seek out an experience, only pay attention to experience. Of course there’s that tricky interpretation part, not to mention there’s more than one experience needed to have better clarity.

Nonetheless, what if one just sat at home in front of some electronic device? Is such a person any less subject to the universe?

Contrarian Bonus Round?:
Ah, but how would consciousness know anything without getting out and about—having experiences, seeking and finding, compare and contrast, and all of that? You know, having more pixels?

Contrarian Back At You Response Round?:
What if one didn’t have to go anywhere, but learned that everywhere comes to them?

Peanut Gallery Remark Round?:
What exactly is this going and coming chatter? Where is there to go to? Or to come from? Seeking is merely See-King—as in as in one who excels in seeing. Get it? Experience is already abundant.

Contrarian Back At You Response Round II?:
Okay, okay. Experience is available without going and coming. But is having a deadened mind a vehicle for experience?

Peanut Gallery Remark Round II?:
A deadened mind is not the same as a dead mind. In the former, one would have fewer pixels, in the latter, one would have none. So there!

The Oh, Stop-It Round?:
Yeah, and so without mind, whatever that is, there is nothing available—no sound without ears and all that?

The No, You Stop-it Round?:
Sound is one way to experience vibrations. Feelings are another. Just because one doesn’t have ears, doesn’t mean one cannot feel bass. In other words, mind is one way to apprehend the pixels of a holographic universe.

The Hmmm Round?:

The Snooze Round!:

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