January 1, 2023: It Is The Good Day, The Good Week, The Good Month, The Good Season, The Good New Year…

Change is not just something left over. Anon

You are born with integrity. You can give it away or keep it, striving to improve it. A friend’s father who offered this when I was a teen.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. Lyrics attributed to Eliphalet Oram Lyte (1852)

…To check in with Nothing.
To stop and start again.
To get to zero.
To examine one’s cornerstones,
One’s currency,
One’s integrity.
To see the barriers.
To find the doors.
To own one’s doing
And undoing.
To let go of piling on.
To clean up the mess.
To let one’s muse in.
To cry.
To see beauty.
To dance.
To sing.
To laugh.
To know where hell isn’t.
To know where heaven is.

To avoid being overwhelmed with lists.
To do one thing at a time.

Musing: Doors and Barriers

It doesn’t take a critical mass of people to screw things up. It does take a critical mass to keep what’s unscrewed alive. The activity of the first and the inactivity of the second is why screwed-up lives.

It is a fine feeling to want things better, but do not start with the future.

Present and presence—gifts of now.

Current and currency—gifts of movement, exchange, and now.

Learning to not be angry with God is easier than learning to not be angry with oneself.

Telling stories is a legacy. So is not realizing they can be constructions unexamined.

Trying to grasp something is not the same as grasping at it.

Love has dancing fibers, yet does not grasp. It touches.

New Year 2023—may thriving be more abundant and easier to harvest and utilize!

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