January 1, 2021: Goodbye, Hello, and Transitions

Slow down, you move to fast; You got to make the morning last; Got no deeds to do, no promises to keep;… Lyrics and music from The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy), by Simon & Garfunkel

Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.  Stephanie Meyer 

Even a chimera is ephemeral.  Hoo-nōs

Goodbye 2020 (I hope).  Hello 2021 (I hope).  Both could be overruled as I hear-tell 2020 was stolen and 2021 will be overturned, though I doubt the veracity of such claims and doubt SCOTUS will take such a case.

2020 was a rough ride for us, even if there was some sunshine breaking though the despair-cloud formations.  2021 will not likely come in as a lion, any more than 2020 went out as a lamb.  There will be a transition as all goodbyes and hellos have.  I think we all might take a pause and wonder about our deeds and promises, about what the day brings, and what illumination night reveals.  After all, the only thing that seems to run though it all is energy and energy changes constantly, whether slow or fast or in-between.  I would go a step further and say awareness seems to run through it all, whether it’s the nadir or the zenith, or in transition.  And as sentient beings, we have at least a semi-state of “elevated” consciousness.  What if what we do with it is up to us?  Does it matter or not?  If it doesn’t matter, are we freer?  If it does, is it us who matters it?

It will be nice if we have fewer promises to keep, fewer deeds to do.  It’s a space we can all use in goodbyes, hellos, and transitions.  There will be more to do as there always is, but sometimes when lost, tis better to just stop and start again.  May 2020 stop and 2021 be a new start without anchors to drag.  Baggage can be set down.  Lightness of being can be taken up.  This behavior  is not heavenly ordained (everything is offered, nothing is bargained for—truly Love?), but it can be so.

Eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground, a gleam of wonder all around. 

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