February 28, 2019: The Fog of Life

Even clarity can obscure.  Hoo-nōs       

The saying “It’s always something” is very telling.  Sometimes I think we work very hard in our own ways just to find a space and a moment to breathe deeply and freely.  It’s a huge endeavor and a weird energy-output to energy-input ratio to expend so much to find something so fleeting.  And when other species are vying for some of that breathing-deep-and-free space, we can be in the way.  And then there are those of our own who, also looking, find some of the rest of us in the way.

In such a milieu of vying for a moment of peace or two, clarity can seem so refreshing and so real that it forms like an imprint.  So we march off with our “clarity” intact to face weird ratios and the fog of life, feeling like we’ve managed to wash the windows of our view.  And then we find power in that clarity and another tool to manage the fog of life—and others.  Yet another weird ratio is conceived—class.

I guess it’s always something, though the older I get, the more I look for nothing beyond a welcome contrast like a warm fire on a cold night or a warm embrace in sometimes cold interactions.  And then I remember, it is that space that I always sought when I wandered off from that space to find that space.  The “Mona Lisa smile” that follows is not arrogance, nor clarity, it is just a being in a moment at peace.  The fog of life may not have lifted, but perhaps it doesn’t have to.      

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