February 1, 2015: Why Bother?

Well, because it can be full of fun to:

Be part of the conversation to engage with others, rather than to just win.

Ask difficult questions in order to understand, rather than to just be difficult.

Get involved to be involved, rather than to be involved to gain recognition.

Be a friend to find a friend, rather than to just gather human accessories.

Research—fact check—to find out other ways of seeing, rather than doing research just to be triumphant.

Tell stories that may provide perspective, rather than telling stories that mislead.

Try to get it right, rather than to just be right.

Write as a kind of signpost from one’s present self to one’s future self, rather than to write to convince yourself or others.

Bother because it is a challenge that nurtures, rather than a crucifixion that consumes.

Consider bothering with something, rather than to just bother something.

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