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Okay, the previous post aside, let’s face it, sometimes it feels good to feel bad. And sometimes it feels good to create the bad—in big bold strokes. Think Revelations in the Christian bible.

And no, don’t send your cards and letters to me, I’m not disparaging anyone, I’m thinking about how we manifest our craziness and then “discover” it and call it destiny and objective reality. Sure, if we think of building a door and then build it, our thoughts become objective reality in the manifestation, but was the door there without our creation? I like doors—they’re good things, but I distrust the human creations designed to destroy. Are entire groups of people so evil they need to be wiped from existence—not that it’s possible as it seems the same mindset keeps popping up to fill the vacuum?

And that’s the rub—when we wipe out others, we are not actually responding to an objective reality that is about the essence of evil and its assault on us, we are responding to our creations. We’re the creators of evil, born of our inability—at least in part—to live comfortably and to sustain beauty. But we sure can sustain evil.

All right, I can hear the chorus of boos. Whether we created the evil or not, once created we are obligated to do something about it, right? Now I wonder, do we let the fox guard the henhouse—to allow banking, government, or religion to have carte blanche? How did a portion of humanity know what’s right and a portion know what’s wrong and what to do about it when it’s humanity that is creating evil to begin with? And no, I’m not saying that we don’t create beauty, I’m saying that beauty existed before us, not evil. Uh, guess what we brought into the mix? Could it be that in our love of creating—and in not being the originators of beauty—we go with what we did create? Maybe in mimicking beauty, we feel like plagiarists, uncomfortable with giving God a footnote?

Or maybe, just maybe, we’re actually engaged in what we can get away with.

Oops, that could be the cat out of the bag.

Of course, we’re not actually getting away with it, we’re simply boxing ourselves in. And that brings us back to Revelations and feeling good about feeling bad.

Consider, as I wrote in Renewal, that we’ve been so out of it for so long, despite some beauty in our actions, that an apocalyptic time is coming because we’ve created such a mess that an exorcism will be necessary, and on so many levels. That upheaval will not be pretty, but it does not have to be blood letting. Since we’re talking about the Christian bible, the lesson of Jesus is about stopping the crucifixion, not continuing it. Helloooo.

So what will the apocalypse look like if not a blood bath? How about a lot of crying, humility, forgiveness, sobriety? Dare we take a chance—I mean someone is likely to rise up and slay us for standing around sobbing, right? That’ll piss us off. Okay, we’ve got some crying to do, some genuine genuflecting, and some real attention to the troubles that now lie ahead. So it’s true that while we might substitute bloodletting for tearletting, we cannot sit around sobbing in place of paying attention, but in addition to paying attention.

So, for the New Year, let’s quit misfiling Revelations as preordained. Let’s recognize that one of the most important undertakings we can do in the coming years is to not confuse our mental creations—and our propensity to create a wagon load of negative energy—with our fate. Read that again—it’s not fate we’re creating when we do the apocalypse as it’s been written, it’s unnecessary junk, even after all of this mess we’ve created. What, we think we’re going to realize Paradiso by engaging in non-Paradisian actions?

Let the New Year and the years beyond bring an ability to sustain the beauty that is preordained. Modifying a line in the movie, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, with Adam Sandler, and substituting God for Sandler’s character as God tries to get us to see beauty as our real destiny (don’t forget the Brookyln-goofing-with-a-Middle-Eastern accent): “Smell it, taste it, hear it, see it, feel it—now take it, take it!”

“Get it?”

“That’s for you!”

Happy New Year, folks.

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