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There is little question in my mind that powers greater than us exist. There is also little question that whatever intelligence really is, there are those that have more of it. And there can be little doubt that stability is clearly a transitory state of affairs. I don’t have to grant intelligence to the cosmos to recognize powers I can do nothing about. The same goes for the earth. And both the cosmos and earth are stable only in a temporal sense. Brainiacs can be smarter than the average bear, but have little or no power (think political coups that wipe out the intelligentsia) as well as little or no stability (think genius and madness). And if we find both power and intelligence in a being, that doesn’t mean they are stable. I’m sure you can come up with some examples.

So, here is little ol’ us, bearing minimal power and questionable intelligence and trying our best to be of good stability in a highly unstable context. We need a God if for no other reason than to locate power, intelligence, and stability in one locale. And while we’re at it, we certainly want the bearer of those three tenets to love, otherwise there can be power, intelligence, stability, and little or no beauty and joy. In fact, if we think about it, love, beauty, and joy are not exactly stability-based. These other three tenets require peaks and valleys—a kind of rollercoaster effect.

Drat. Or maybe not.

What if what’s holy is our realization that despite not being all-powerful, all-intelligent, all-stable, all-loving, we still actually have these moments of beauty, joy, and love? Beauty, joy, and love can be facts that we see and internalize and/or they can be feelings/cognitions that arise internally, but birth external facts by virtue of our manifested behaviors. In either or both cases, we can feel/experience/observe/manifest power, intelligence, and stability that arise from beauty, joy, and love, from whatever source(s).

And folks, we do not have to have the same source to be so blessed. That seems truly holy.

Let’s celebrate and be festive these holidays, and ask and listen to each other’s holiness. After all, if we can feel/cognize, create/discover, beauty, joy, and love, we can sure manifest peace on earth. I’m thinking that’s a good use of power and intelligence. And, oddly, that’s quite a dose of stability in the midst of riding the rollercoaster of existence.

Happy Holy-days to all—may we recognize the blessings we have received as well as the ones we are capable of bestowing. Let’s do it and help each other be of good cheer as we go through.

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