December 18, 2016: Wonder

What would the world be without a dragon? Hoo-nōs

There is such craziness afoot—again. I was talking with a neighbor who has views I find anathema to the gift of awareness. Crazy-thought is all I could figure, except they were not engaged in evil behaviors, just crazy cognitions. Of course they likely thought the same about me.

Later at night I was outside smiling—grinning really and filled with wonder. There were Holiday decorations in many places in the neighborhood. It was festive. It is beautiful. It is varied. We are nuts, but we are celebrating. And that is also real. Who cares if it’s seemingly impossible to get the political and religious landscape to bolt up with everyone all the time. We can argue, we can dismiss, we can be appalled, but as long as we’re not destroying, as long as we can come together to be festive, to celebrate notions of love and home and wonder, there will be a sense of belongingness even if we can’t be around one another for long.

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