December 10, 2016: Mind Hack

The trick to hacking a mind is to make the mind think it is right thinking, freely found. Hoo-nōs

Of course free thinking is not about hacking, but good luck telling the difference (yeah, that means neuroscientists who may be stuck in the biological basis of cause and effect). There may be, however, a bread-crumb trail—hacking signs or tells. For instance, unsophisticated mind-hacks centrate on one perspective. In the Season of Great Bullshit, which has come around in earnest yet again (and the season has only just begun), there was and is a bloom of such unsophisticated hacks. The recent election was awash with centrated perspectives—and the dispensers of “information,” especially those who claimed to be exposing secrets were, at best, puppets of one thing or another, and at worse, deliberate in their self-righteous pseudo-enlightenment/free-thinking bullshit. Or maybe the at-best and at-worse are just two sides of the same coin. In either case, why was it that the ratio of democratic to republican revelations was way skewed towards democratic “nonsense” (and there was a lot of real nonsense)? Pepper that with assertions about how unfair the media was in dealing with republicans and how in-bed the media was with democrats (lots of nonsense on all counts there as well), and the mind-hack trail is easily lost. The result is frightening, if for no other reason than how easily we can be manipulated. So much for basic democratic principles, eh? And of course that loss works well for Pinky and The Brain types (“what are we going to do today? What we do every day—take over the world.”).

Why would something or some group want to hack our minds? To make it easier to get to and control the resources! What’s a major direction to ensure control? Eliminate worthy opponents. How to do that? Hack minds with notions of imminent world-view collapse and manage information to feed that notion. It’s easier for putin-types to deal with trump-types than with clinton-types. And when trump-types realize they’ve been mind-hacked? The egoic “I can do anything” will face dissonance and it will be necessary to begin elimination of some thing or some group. There’s already a breadcrumb trail there to follow.

How has that worked in the past—what does history say to us (at least what’s left of history for us to look at)? Here’s a breadcrumb trail: control and elimination is simply stooopid and itself a mind-hack by and for those who seek importance and dominion.

What part of the Magna Carta or Martin Luther’s 95 Theses or the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, etc., do we not understand? When we seek dominion and importance, it is a hierarchy we create and someone has to be less-then for it to work. And the winners win the losers. What could possibly go wrong there? Well, wait for sophisticated, decentrated mind-hacks to come around. Can’t figure out how to get folks to believe there’s one right way? Create lots of confusion and anarchy. Any kind of order is better than no order at all, right? And there’s an example of a mind-hack question…

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