December 1, 2019: The Season of the Holiday Sisyphus, Part I

And Sisyphus said “No thanks, I have learned I like the rock where it is.”  The gods grinned broadly and knew Sisyphus had learned. Hoo-nōs

What if such a “rebuke of the gods” is not a slap to the godly faces, but an acknowledgement of learning and wisdom? What if it was us that demands such eternally useless work in the hopes of bridging the illusory gap of us or them?  So we accept as a noble undertaking the fate of our futility and reward ourselves the occasionally break—the Holiday Sisyphus?

Maybe this holiday we can exchange presence instead of noting comparisons of less or more—at least until we are no longer lost? It is a challenge, at least for folks like me, but I suspect we are not really doomed to Sisyphean tasks.

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